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Blueberry Extract

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Blueberry Extract
Latin name: Vaccinium uliginosum Linn.

Appearance: Red purple or dark purple fine powder

1. Anthocyanins 1-36% Test by HPLC
2. Anthocyanidins 1-30% Test by UV
3. Pterostilbene 1-30% Test by HPLC
4. Proanthocyanidins 1-30% Test by UV
5. Extract Ratio: 5:1-20:1

6. Fruit Powder

Description of Blueberry Extract:
Blueberries are perennial flowering plants with indigo-colored berries from the section Cyanococcus  within
genus Vaccinium (a genus that also includes cranberriesbilberries and grouseberries). Species in the
Cyanococcus are the most common fruits sold as "blueberries" and are native to North America
(commercially cultivated highbush blueberries were not introduced into Europe until the 1930s).

protect eyesight and prevent blindness; the strengthening of cerebral blood vessels, the prevention
of cerebral vascular disease, strengthen myocardial angiogenesis, coronary strong, strengthen the kidney
blood vessels, prevent rupture of glomerular hematuria, urethritis and cystitis; strengthen veins,prevent varicose
veins,prevent ulcers; prevent atherosclerosis; prevention of thrombosis.

Application: pharmaceutical health care products, beverage and food additives.

Keywords: Blueberry Extract, Vaccinium uliginosum Linn., Anthocyanidins, Anthocyanosides, anthocyanins

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