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Schisandra Berry Extract

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Name:Schisandra Berry Extract

Latin Name:Schisandra chinensis Turcz.Baill
Test Method:HPLC

Active Ingredients:Schizandrins 2-9%

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Description:Schisandra is native to East Asia, and its dried fruit is sometimes used medicinally. The berries of S. chinensis are given the name wu wei zi in Chinese, which translates as "five flavor fruit" because they possess all five basic flavors in Chinese herbal medicine: salty, sweet, sour, pungent (spicy), and bitter. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used as a remedy for many ailments: to resist infections, increase skin health, and combat insomnia, coughing, and thirst.

1). Improving pallium cells vigor, and improving intelligence;

2). Protecting liver and curing chronic active hepatitis;

3). Expanding blood vessel, adjusting blood pressure and preventing CHD;

4). Anti-knub and anti-oxidization and anti-aging.

Application: pharmaceutical health care products, beverage and food additives.


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