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Panax Ginseng Extract

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Name: Panax Ginseng Extract
Latin name: Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.

Test Method: UV / HPLC

Active ingredients: Ginsenosides
Specifications: 80%, ginseng root powder, ratio extract 5: 1,10: 1,20: 1 etc.
Appearance: Light yellow brown fine  powder
Function: mainly used in coronary heart disease, angina, heart rate too slow, too fast, ventricular premature beats, blood pressure disorders,neurasthenia,climacteric syndrome, fatigue, illness, postpartum, postoperative physical weakness and other symptoms; can enhance the physical, the treatment of cancer patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy,induced lower immune function embolism; resistance to thermal stress effect. Ginsenoside can slow aging and reduce the occurrence of memory impairment in elderly, and a stable membrane structure and increase protein synthesis, for the elder,it can increase memory capacity.

1, used in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, can be formulated into anti-fatigue, anti-aging and brain health food;
2, used in cosmetics industry, can be formulated into a freckle, wrinkle reduction, activation of skin cells and enhance skin elasticity of cosmetics;
3, can also be used as food additives


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