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Mangosteen Extract

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Name: Mangosteen Extract

Latin Name:Garcinia mangostana L.

Active Ingredients: Polyphenols 5-50%
Test Method:UV

Appearance:Brown yellow powder

Description:Mangosteen is a tropical evergreentree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia.
It grows mainly in Southeast Asia, and also in tropical South American countries such as Colombia, in the state of Kerala in India and
in Puerto Rico, where the tree has been introduced.
The fruit of the mangosteen is sweet and tangy, juicy, and somewhat fibrous, with
an inedible, deep reddish-purple colored rind (exocarp) when ripe.


1). Improve circulation, bring relief to arthritis;

2). Reduce asthma attacks, treats otitis, as well as all types of external eczemas;

3). Improve appetite, bone structure, skin condition, purify the blood;

4). Anti-oxidant, Antibacterial, anti-malarial, anti-AIDS;

5). Treat breast cancer.

Application: pharmaceutical health care products, beverage and food additives.



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