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Horsetail Extract

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Name:Horsetail Extract

Latin name: Equisetum arvense L.             
Part Used: Whole herb 
Active Ingredients: Silica acid 
Appearance:Brown-yellow fine powder
Specification: Silica acid 2% 7% 12% UV

Product Description

Horsetail is very rich in silicic acid and silicates, which provide approximately 2-3% elemental silicon. Potassium, aluminum, and manganese along with fifteen different types of bioflavonoids are also found in the herb. The presence of these bioflavonoids are believed to cause the diuretic action, while the silicon content is said to exert a connective tissue-strengthening and anti-arthritic action.

1. It has particular diuretic activity and hemostatic action;
2. The influence of the recycle system can cause a drop of blood pressure and a reflexive breathing excitment.
3. It has the function of treating diabetes and Chronic bronchitis.
4. It can be used to stop bleeding.   

Application: pharmaceutical & health care products, beverage and food additives, etc.

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