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Lemon Balm Extract Powder

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Product name : Lemon Balm  Extract Powder

Latin name: Mellisa officinalis   

Part used : Leaf 


1. Extract Ratio  4:1  5:1  10:1 20:1 

2.Lemon Balm Straight Powder 

Appearance: Brown Yellow  fine powder



Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis),  balm,  common balm, or balm mint, is a  perennial herbaceous plant in the mint family Lamiaceae   and 
native to South central Europe  , the Meditterrannean Basin , Iran and centrial Asia , but now naturalized in the Americas and elsewhere. 
It grows to a maximum height of 70–150 cm (28–59 in). The leaves have a mild lemon scent similar to mint. During summer, small white flowers  full of nectar appear.
It is not to be confused with bee balm , although the white flowers attract bees hence the genus melissa( Greek for "honey bee").

The leaves are used as a herb, in teas, and also as a flavouring. The plant is used to attract bees for honey production. It is grown as an ornamental plant 
and for its oil (to use in purfumery). The tea of lemon balm, the essential oil, and the extract are used in traditional and alternative medicine, including aromatherapy . 
The plant has been cultivated at least since the 16th century, but research is still being conducted to establish the safety and effects of lemon balm. 



 The plant is used to attract bees to make honey. It is also grown and sold as an ornamental plant  . The essential oil is used as a perfume  ingredient, 
 but the plant has other culinary and medicinal uses. Lemon balm is used in some toothpastes. 


Lemon balm is used as a flavouring in ice cream and herbal teas  both hot and iced , often in combination with other herbs  such as  spearmint .
It is a common addition to perpermint tea .  
mostly because of its complementing flavor. Lemon balm is also paired with fruit dishes or candies .Additionally, it can be used in fish dishes    and
is the main ingredient in lemon balm pesto

Traditional medicine

In tradinational Austrian Medicine  , M. officinalis leaves have been prescribed for internal use—as a tea—or external application—as an essential oil—for
the treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, liver, and bile. Lemon balm is the main ingredient of carmelite water ,
which is still for sale in  German Pharmacies . 
In  alternative medicine it is used as a sleep aid and digestive aid. Lemon balm essential oil    is popular in aromatherapy. 
The essential oil is commonly co-distilled with lemon oil and other oils.


Longze Biotechnology--Your Trusted Supplier


Xi’an Longze Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is located in Xi’an City,Shaanxi Province, China with its Branch named Jilin Longze Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Since it wasestablished in 2009, based on the rich herbal resources of Chang bai Mountain , Da Xing An Ling Mountains and imported from aboard.
Longze Company works as a professional Manufacturer of anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins, anthocyanin fruit and vegetable extracts powder
for nutrition supplement , food , medicine and chemistry fields with ISO,Kosher, QS(SC),FDA . 

Sincerely,we are looking forward to your support and cooperation.

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